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SEACOLORS main aim is the demonstration and validation of obtaining natural dyes from algae, a sustainable and renewable natural resource. The goal is to replace the synthetic dyes currently applied in the textile industry which are pollutant and harmful for the environment. Due to the higher biodegradability of natural dyes, a reduction in the water purification industrial process is expected.

SEACOLORS will require a validation on the types of micro and macro-algae with higher dyeing capacity and on the optimization of extraction processes. The investigation of the variables involved in the dyeing process in order to obtain dyed fabrics with acceptable quality parameters will also be carried out. This process is expected to be complex due to: 1) A huge variety of fibers in the market and the range of colors demanded by the fashion, and 2) the specific requirements colour fastness.

A semi-industrial scale test will validate the growth conditions of algae and the dyes’ extraction in sufficient quantities before proceeding for a demonstration on the validity of dyes in a textile company industrial dyeing operation.

The project wants to produce dyes extracted from algae without generating waste so a study of the possible applications of the waste biomass generated after dye-extraction will also be carried out.


LIFE13 ENV/ES/000445 

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